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Hire a E-commerce Virtual Assistant

Hire a E-commerce Virtual Assistant

It is quite overwhelming to manage your online store on your own without the help of an E-commerce Virtual Personal Assistant. As a business owner, not only do you have to run the business but also perform several tasks to increase sales- from adding new products to providing customer support. The list of tasks is actually endless. Having a virtual assistant is the main reason why many businesses are successful today. By hiring e-commerce assistants and outsourcing tasks to them, you save plenty of time which you can use in planning and executing core business activities to increase revenue.

List of Tasks Your E-commerce Virtual Assistant Can Do

E-commerce virtual assistants can perform a wide range of task needed to make your business successful. By outsourcing certain tasks, you could take your e-commerce business to the next level. We have a number of experienced e-commerce virtual assistants ready to assist you with day-to-day tasks. They offer the following services for your business. But, if you need to be done other tasks which are not listed below, contact us. We will solve that for you.

  • Product description writing.
  • Manage e-commerce inventory.
  • Assist in returns and exchanges.
  • Amazon competitor analysis and market research.
  • Add tracking for orders.
  • Order processing
  • Provide customer support.
  • Product research.
  • Basic photo editing.
  • Create lists and optimize e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, Shopify and more.

Apart from this list, our e-commerce virtual assistants can also perform many other miscellaneous tasks.

Benefits of Using E-commerce Virtual Assistant

In e-commerce business, to keep up with competitors, your online store needs to be maintained 24/7. This means you have to be hyperactive to the huge demands of e-consumers which can cost your valuable time and the quality of your life.But how long do you think you can handle tasks on your own? Your only option to avoid being overwhelmed is to hire an e-commerce virtual assistant.
Unlike regular employees, hiring an e-commerce virtual assistant will not only bring success to your business but also provide several benefits.
Below is a list of the main benefits you will enjoy once you hire our e-commerce virtual assistants for your online store:

• Hiring a virtual assistant is way cheaper than hiring a full-time employee which means you can save a big amount of money
• You can monitor the productivity of your virtual assistant with the help of time-tracking tools, such as Time Doctor
• Having a virtual assistant saves a lot of time for yourself because you can delegate time-consuming tasks to them.
• An e-commerce virtual assistant will help you get your e-commerce business and day job schedule together.

Can’t wait to enjoy all the benefits? Start hiring one of our e-commerce virtual assistants now.

E-commerce Virtual Assistant Prices

Below are the details of our provided E-commerce Virtual Assistant prices & packages. You can buy your targeted package. After getting the payment, we will set a personal virtual assistant for you within a few hours. We will instruct you further via email.

  • 1 Assigned Assistant
  • 24 Hours Support
  • Project Managment Tools
  • 1 Assigned Assistant
  • 24 Hours Support
  • Project Managment Tools
  • 1 Assigned Assistant
  • 24 Hours Support
  • Project Managment Tools
  • 1 Assigned Assistant
  • 24 Hours Support
  • Project Managment Tools

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